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Wedding Video. Johns Island, Charleston,SC

Ashley and Brooks show us that there's never a bad day to get married when all that matters is the one you're with. Their day was the most important in their life and they were committed to enjoy it no matter was the day that they would become one, and nothing could affect the happiness they were feeling. One day before the wedding, we were all a little worried when we saw the weather forecast, and I knew that more than anything they wanted to get married at the altar in the woods, not just because it was such a magical and beautiful location, but also because Brooks and his father had put in so much time and love to building the altar in her parents' house. So with the rain adding a beautiful mood, they pushed on with pure joy to have one of the most beautiful ceremonies I have a part of. These two were just the happiest in the world at that moment.

Every day is a good day to get married! And Brooks and Ashley had a blast that rainy day when they became one... I love the quote from Ashley in her vows, "You don't find love, it finds you. It's got a little bit to do with destiny, fate, and what's written in the stars." These are the Highlights of that day when Ashley and Brooks celebrated with their loved ones for how lucky they were to have crossed.

Videographer: @elephantmemoriess

Venue: Predicted/hoped to be available for future weddings later this year

Event Planner: @lovelettergraycalligraphy

Cake: @southernlysweetsc

Hair & Makeup: @lashesandlacechs


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