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Wedding Video in Florence,South Carolina.

Watching Kendall and Will dance is like hearing their hearts speak, and they spent all day dancing because it was the best way to express how happy they were to celebrate around their loved ones. For me it is very important what my clients tell me about themselves because that let me knows exactly what they want and what their style is. I remember when I read their notes, I knew right away that they were super sweet and that for them the music and dancing was very important...and of course being around the people they love and who were there to bless their love. But when I saw them on the dance floor, I really understood them so much better - they are very connected and there was no doubt about they were one

Family is a big part of what makes us who we are, being in this special day with my couples lets me be part of very intimate and important moments in their lives, and lets me know them and understand where they come from. Being around Wilson and Kendall in their magical day let me see how beautifully connected they were with their parents and family and I can already imagine how beautiful the union of these two families will be now that they’ve come together with this beautiful couple. Thanks for letting me be a part of it, I melted with all the atmosphere of love that day, and I had to hide my tears as I put together the scene of Kendall and her dad, I love it! Cheers to many happy years to come

Event Planner: Sweetgrass Social

Flowers: Flowers by Starks

Catering: Aberdeen Catery

Cake: Cakes by Jeanie

Dress: London and Lace

Music Band: The Root Doctors See Less


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