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The most Breathtaking Wedding Teaser at Boone Hall - Charleston Wedding Videographer

Talk about epic weddings! Just a little taste of what‘s coming from this incredible day! For a year since we met for the engagement video, I have been watching how excited Teagan and Bryce were for this day, counting down every minute, dreaming of this moment! It was a perfect wedding day, exceeding every expectations, they couldn’t have imagined it! Before the ceremony, they had that crazy mix of feelings, laughter and tears, and after the ceremony, these were the two happiest people in the entire world, I have no doubt about that! Their story was written in the stars, you can see it because they have that natural chemistry, they just shine together! Guys, I don't want to say too much but I can't wait to show you the highlights of this magical day where you become one, but I really think you already were one... In the meantime, enjoy this milkshake of memories!

After you see the short teaser of Teagan and Bryce, here is their full story.This is one of the most difficult Highlights I’ve ever made, I couldn't find a way to make it shorter, there were so many MUST moments that I couldn't take out of the film. The result is 10 minutes of Love, tears, and laughter of Joy all mixed up. Some people will say that shorter is better and that all depends on what you are looking for in your video. In this case, they really wanted to see their full day, and I know how meaningful and important each of these moments was for them, which is why they also had the Teaser, something short to keep the emotions up. But for them, the Highlights needed to be as deep as their love and all the love around them, A LOVE CELEBRATION. And that is what this video is all about! I only included about 15% of the vows, their vows were like 8 minutes long each, and there were such beautiful words, you have no idea how hard it was for me to select only these small parts and leave the others out. But I'm so relieved they also got the Documentary where they get the full day! Teagan and Bryce, it has been a pleasure to be your storyteller, I cried and laughed with you that day, and again while I made this video...this is for you with all my love.


The Dream Team

Videographer: @elephantmemoriesweddingfilms

Venue: Boone Hall @boonehallweddings @boonehallplantation

Event Planner/ rentals: @oohevents

Dress: @enzoani

Suit: @ravazzolo_official

Floral: @outofthegarden

Catering/Bar: @crucatering

Photographer: @jimtricephoto

Beauty: @looklovebeauty

DJ: @otherbrotherent


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