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On Loving Day 2020 Amber and Matt celebrate their union in Cleveland and Charleston

I really love how this love experiment turned out. This is not so much their wedding video, but a video of their honeymoon here in Charleston when they had their first dance for the actual first time, with memories from their wedding day in Ohio during the COVID lockdown. Unique, right? In the middle of these crazy times, beautiful new things are happening. ❤ We had a blast together that day!! There is a part of the recording not in this video that's a message for their future kids which is so adorable and I think their future generations will cherish forever!

Amber and Matt contacted me to be their videographer for their wedding day but unfortunately, COVID happened and even as we were planning so many different ways for them to get married here it just wasn't possible. Instead, their wedding was meant to be in Ohio where their story began and where this new chapter was written. But for them, Charleston and the @WildDunesResort meant a lot to them too, which is why they tried so hard to get married here. So one day after the wedding, they packed their bags and drove down here for their honeymoon, and that is when we finally met 🎶 Amber really wanted me as their videographer even when their wedding plans changed❤ so we stuck with the plan, they found a videographer in Ohio and they sent that footage to me. We went to film where they were originally supposed to get married, and I felt like they were getting married for the second time. They were having so much fun and it was super special for them to do the first dance here in front of the sea with me and a couple of smiling people that were there watching this beautiful couple celebrating their love. Thanks guys, for insisting so much on working together. It really means a lot for me, the emotional value that my work means to you. I loved our deep conversations about life that day and I think this is not the last time I'll see you. You have a friend in me!

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Made with love by @elephantmemoriesweddingfilms

Ohio Venue @gervasivineyard

Charleston Venue @wilddunesresort @wilddunesweddings

Wedding dress: @missstellayork

Suit: @generationtux

Officiant: @kingschurchoh

Ohio footage @higherloveweddings


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