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Wedding Video at Folly Beach, Charleston SC

Nicole & Lamar - Documentary and Highlights.

We had so much fun on this wedding day of Nicole and Lamar! Of course, we could not forget their lovely guests- they all made us feel right at home and that we were all one on their wedding day for this beautiful couple. It was such an intimate day filled with love, everyone was so thrilled to be there to celebrate them!

They got married at beautiful beach house in Folly Beach, where there were beautiful views of the ocean in the front yard, and magical views of the marsh and sunset from the pier in the backyard! It was so easy for us to find the perfect spot for the first look- the pier was an incredibly romantic place to see each other for the first time.

Nicole was very nervous while getting ready, and was very anxious to see Lamar! We prepared Lamar on the pier with his back towards Nicole while we prepared our cameras and our drone. Everyone was waiting for the big moment- it was like waiting for the best part of the movie! Every step that Nicole that closer to Lamar was very exciting. Finally he turned around to see his bride in her wedding dress and he couldn’t hold his tears back! And there- they embraced for a hug and it was like their souls were becoming one for the first time!

Sometimes, it happens that we only get to know our couples on their wedding day, so we aren’t familiar with their everyday life. Their wedding day was very easy to imagine how they seemed without their fancy clothes on though. We learned that Nicole trapped the eyes of Lamar, a fisherman, because of her amazing fisherwoman qualities! Lamar’s daughter was flowing with happy tears because Nicole was able to catch her Big Fish, Lamar! Now these two will spend their days, visiting different piers and fishing, watching the sunsets and spending more days together as the sun comes down.

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Charleston, South Carolina


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