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Elopement Wedding Video at Fripp Island, SC

Love was in the air one month ago when Jessica and Lou become one...They had to cancel their original plans for their big wedding due to the Coronavirus, but that did not stop them. They truly wanted to get married no matter what, so they organized their small wedding with the closest family members in Lou’s grandparents’ house on Fripp Island, a place that means a lot for them and the whole family. It was a perfect day, it truly was, full of intimacy, love, and happiness. When I saw Lou and Jessica after they got married, it was like they were floating on a cloud of love. They were so immersed in themselves that for the photographer and me it was so easy to get great footage..they were so happy, so thankful, so in love...Thanks guys for making me part of such a magical day, it brought me so much light and happiness in the middle of the crazy lockdown...I had a blast with you! Cheers!!

Videographer: @elephantmemoriesweddingfilms

Flowers: @tulipsandtwigs

Dress: @allurebridals

Photographer: @msnedekerphotography


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