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Elopement Wedding at The Charleston Harbor Resort - Kim & Damen

"All you need is love!" Kim and Damen had big plans for their wedding celebration in September, but a hurricane had plans of its own and made the day impossible. So they adapted and planned again for April 4, 2020. But once again, they had to cancel under the global circumstances of 2020. This time, they thought 'nothing is going to stop us and there is nothing in the world we want more than to get married' so they adapted once again, and quickly made new plans for an elopement wedding at Charleston Harbor Resort - similar to their original plan, but this time it would just be the two of them with two great friends. Now, all their family and friends can travel in time and share the happiness of the union of these two who were the happiest couple in the world that day. I'm sure after seeing how connected they are and how much love they have for each other, this is only the beginning of many happy days to come! Thanks for letting me be part of such an intimate and important day in your life, you brought me so much happiness and hope, proof that all you need is love!

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Venue: Charleston Harbor Resort and Marina


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