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A Romantic Fairytale Wedding at The Westin Savannah

Venue: The Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort & Spa

The day went beyond any expectations, the sun came out, a rainbow was there to remind them that even when they had to reschedule their wedding day, this was meant to be. After all the storms the calm always comes. We had a short time to get romantic shots since they were so crazy excited to spend time with their loved ones and celebrate finally becoming one (though I think they already were).

It was great to have the opportunity to get to know Casey and Micajah during a romantic shot before the wedding. It was so special to hear how she found me, what she was dreaming about for their wedding day and about their video. Making a teaser with just music can be challenging but I love their music selections. We had two good songs and we were incapable of picking just one, so I had to ask the footage what the best song was for this video, and I think this one just matched perfectly with their personalities and style...also I love the Portugal the Man song for that crazy fun party.

Falling... You see, we don't say “rising in love.” There is the idea of the fall in there. And it goes back, as a matter of fact, to really fundamental things.... and this is how Casey and Micajah’s video starts, an epic speech for this gorgeous epic day. I love how this matches perfectly with their relationship ...after that you can hear the wonderful toast from Casey's father. I don't think you will be able to hold your tears back, because I definitely couldn’t! After the couple, all the moments with parents are so important to me, and I know how important it is for them too, so I put special attention on these moments. Hope you enjoy these highlights, it was a wedding full of beautiful, emotional moments but it was also such a fun day. You have to see the party parts to see what I'm talking about. Guys, it has been amazing to follow your journey from our engagement shoot to your wedding day, and now I can’t wait to see you again at your best friend's wedding in Jamaica! I have my bags ready



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