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Talking about the customization of our videos, why is it important to have the music you love in your wedding film? Music is what feeling sounds like, asking our couples about their favorite songs is the first clue. I don't know them yet but I start to get an idea about how the style of the video will be. We also send a questionnaire to get to know about all those little details that are so important to them. We send our couples 5 of my videos with different styles, and with their feedback we get to know what they love most and what they don't like as much, to start personalizing their video. But the most important thing is what happens on the wedding day. We are capturing everything with our cameras but also we are trying to understand all those connections between everyone, all those little details that are meaningful for the couple, all those connections to their loved ones, to understand not just their love story but also their stories with each person, that they decided to be with them on the most special day in their life. Later on, we take all the emotional pieces of the puzzle of their life story and put it all together into a full picture.

When I started to make wedding videos, I asked myself "if I were a client how will I want my video to be?" I'm a little picky and particular in my tastes, and I saw a lot of wedding videos before making my first video. The majority were gorgeous but most of them didn't have the soul I was looking for. The first problem for me was that none of them had the kind of music that I like. When my customization process started, I asked my first couple "what music do you want?" and they said "This Must Be the Place" - what a great song! Even when my techniques weren't great yet at that time, the video had a soul, their style and their feelings. They got chills and cried a lot, and I'm sure if I made the same edits and added some generic wedding song, their chills would've been at least 50% less is so important, it has the ability to connect us with our deepest feelings. Do you have a song where you get chills and even get so emotional that you can cry? Well, when you take that music and add footage from your love story, what's going to happen?

If we can't find the exact song you want because the license isn't available, Karl can send you some similar options until you find the perfect one for your video.

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