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Wedding Videos

Main Videos

What makes us different from other companies? It all comes down to our customization for each couple. See the examples below to see how the film and editing style, and music selection varies so much from couple to couple, since we work directly with you to find just the right music, and just the right type of video for what you're dreaming of.  We highly recommend watching multiple clips of each video type to get a sense of each couple, because each couple's personality, tastes and style directly influences the final music, editing style and tone of each video, making it uniquely their own.

Our most popular video, the Highlights is the longer main video and uses more voiceover from your wedding toasts, speeches, vows, cards and candid moments, to build the connections in your love story, since your family, friends and even pets are such an important part. With Clarissa's strong background in film direction and writing, one of our strengths is in story-telling, and these films highlight the narrative of your unique story, so you can be immersed once again, with all the chills, happy tears, laughter and full mix of all the different emotions and excitement from the day.


5 - 9 minutes


The Trailer is the shorter option for those that may want to be a little more private with their story. It uses little or no voiceover (depending on the day and couple's preferences), instead focusing on the visuals and music to tell your story. These shorter films can be very dynamic, fun, funny, or romantic, depending on your style and your day, but they are always beautiful and cinematic ways to share your wedding day and story with the music and style of you.


3 - 5 minutes


Other Video Styles


1 - 2 minutes

With these social media videos, we highlight something special from your wedding. These can be vertical or horizontal and the theme and style will typically be a surprise for you, allowing us the creative freedom to find that truly unique  and special video from the wedding. Shorts may highlight a moment of the day, whether it's touching, hilarious, romantic or wild, whatever really jumps out from the footage as special from the day. Or they can also serve as a perfect Teaser video to give an artistic summary of the day and get everyone excited for the main video to come. Check out past videos to get a good idea of variety, it all comes from each unique day!

* Prefer this shorter creative format? Swap your main video out for a bundle of 3 Video Shorts

Real-time Edits