The artistic vision of Elephant Memories comes from film-maker and video director Clarissa. Her work has been selected for many film festivals such as Cannes, Chicago, and Amiens, winning awards in San Diego, Mar del Plata, Marseilles, Brazil, Mexico and Switzerland.


Under her direction, we aim to bring the same level of cinematic style to each photo and video.

The Team






Videographer/Sound Designer

Client Testimonials


“Clarissa and Karl helped my fiance develop an idea to propose to me! They were professional, extremely nice, and overly nice.The video that they recorded was (I have no words to describe it) terrific!!! Not to mention their affordable pricing, which is hard to find for their quality of work......Thanks Elephant Memories!!! great team!”


“Clarissa is a truly exceptional videographer. The resulting video from her footage blew me out of the water. An artist of her caliber is extremely rare in the world of wedding videos, and the finished product speaks louder than words (which you can view along with her other work on her website).

Not only was the video everything I wanted and more, Clarissa has an amazing knack of catching the most beautiful moments, while at the same time being completely unobtrusive. I never once noticed that she was filming during the ceremony. Also, she was able to suggest the ideal times to pull us away from the festivities to get any supplemental shots.”


"We hired Clarissa to do our wedding video, and couldn't be happier with the result. She delivered a video that we and all of our family adored, and will truly cherish forever. Not only was the end product amazing, but the process was even better than we could've ever hoped for. She has an incredible eye for detail, and was able to capture the day and all the important moments in a perfect way. She made sure all our guests felt comfortable while filming, was incredibly friendly with our family, friends, and all the kids at the party, and was also very patient with us. Even though as bride and groom our attention was split in a hundred different directions throughout the hectic day, she took advantage of the smallest windows of opportunity to get all the shots needed. This kind of talent is hard to come by."