Hi, I’m Clarissa and I'm not an elephant! I have an accent, and I’m a crazy plant lady ;) Elephant Memories comes from my huge love for Elephants. I admire their beautiful family structure so much and for me it’s fascinating the idea that Elephants never forget. What are we without our memories? I get to work with one of the most important memories for people, memories that they don't want to forget. I see my films as a collection of memories, like that box full of photos, letters and objects that‘s one of our greatest treasures. I work with them to be like that old song or perfume that when we have it around again, it brings you all the feelings of that moment with chills. So yes, I'm a romantic and I love the little details, but I also have a sense of humor, so I like to add bits of fun to my videos!

It all depends on my couples, I love how different each of them are. I love to discover their uniqueness and make a film that can mirror who they really are and tell their story... I think the only way you can understand my work is by watching 3 videos of different couples and you will see what I'm talking about ;) I don't do templates (I get too bored doing the same thing all the time) I like the creative work and having fun not just on the wedding day but also during the following weeks that I edit.

I'm originally from Venezuela and you only need to know a little of what‘s happening there to understand why I‘m here. I feel so thankful to get all the support of this country to be able to make a life here. Since I used to work as a director of films, advertising, and as an Art Director for diverse video projects, I was able to apply for a Green Card and thanks to some of my films getting selected for festivals like Cannes, Chicago and Marseilles, I got it!! Yayy!! I love to study and get better and better. In college, I studied film Direction, Script, Direction of Photography and Science and Techniques of Color. I haven’t forgotten my path as an Indie Film Director and hopefully, in some 5 years, I can get my latest script done. And guess what it’s all about? Family and Memories ;) Thanks to the amazing @rachelredphotography for this photo